Smart Electricity Monitors

OWL Smart Energy Monitors use the OWL Intuition web dashboard to display energy consumption data on any web enabled device, rather than on a single display unit.  The dashboard shows a range of data over different time periods and this data can also be viewed on a versatile graph; to home in on particular events and see exactly what is happening in the house across the day.  For those who wish to delve deeper, the data can be exported via a CSV file for further analysis.  Of course you can view your dashboard on your smartphone as well if you want to, by downloading our special app. This allows you to determine how much energy you're using while out of the house as well as whilst you're present - and by doing so improve your usage habits to save money in the long run.

 Intuition -E screenshot 1  Intuition -LC screenshot 1 Intuition -PV screenshot 1 
 Intuition-e Intuition-lc  Intuition-pv 


There are three such smart electricity monitoring products available. OWL Intuition-e is for use in most UK households with a single phase supply.  OWL Intuition-lc is for houses and light commercial premises with a 3 phase supply, and can be supplied with Small (70Amp) or Large (200Amp) capacity Sensors.  OWL Intuition-pv is specially designed for monitoring generation, export and consumption in premises fitted with Solar PV generation - and can be purchase in single-phase or three-phase variants to meet your needs.

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